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What do we edit?

If you want a free trial, please send your documents to us; we edit the first 100 words for free. If you like our work, you may continue to purchase the full service.


Each manuscript we receive will first go to the Editorial Head, and then he will forward it to two concerned editors, who will edit the manuscript. The editors will send the manuscripts back to the Editorial office, where both the correction will be compiled into one. The completed manuscript and an invoice will be sent back to the corresponding author. Within two weeks, the corresponding author is supposed to make the payment.


The manuscripts are edited by the use of the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word or highlighted as chosen by the authors. Whenever possible, we will also provide a comment with the change to know the author, what was wrong.


We edit manuscripts to either American English or British English standards. Please mention the style of your preference at the time of submission. If no choice is mentioned, we will edit as per American English standards.

  • Proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

  • Usage of noun, verb, and tense.

  • Integrity and coherence in paragraphs.

  • Sentence construction, flow and readability.

  • Elimination of active narrations and extensive use of 'I' and 'We'.

  • Use of improper scientific unit as mg/ltr instead of mg/L.

  • Use of non-standard abbreviations, such as IP for the isoelectric point instead of pI.

  • Incorrect use of scientific style as E.coli or E. Coli in place of E. coli.

  • Use of a wrong abbreviation such as MMP-20s for matrix metalloproteinases-20 instead of MMPs-20.

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