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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide a certificate of editing?
    Yes, you can get a free certificate of editing when you submit a full paper for editing. We do not give a certificate for partly edited papers.
  • What is the qualification of your Editors?
    All our editors are Ph.D./Masters qualified native English-speaking professionals with experience of several years.
  • Do you check and reduce plagiarism?
    No, we do not check or edit to reduce plagiarism.
  • Do I have to accept all of the changes in the edited paper?
    Yes, we recommend that you accept all our changes. If you have any doubt, please consult us.
  • I am concerned about sharing my data (figures, tables, etc.) with an external person. Can you edit the text without them?"
    Although it is possible to edit the text without the figures and tables, we prefer to have them available for the best results. You can hide figures and data in tables, but we recommend getting legends checked by us.
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