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Terms and Conditions

Your Confidentiality
  • We understand the confidentiality of your work. We do not disclose our client’s detail and their work to anyone except the handling editors. On request, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • After completion of the project, we delete all your information from our database.

  • We do not collect personal and financial information from you.

  • We do not claim any copyright or contribution to your work.

Our Confidentiality
  • We will be unable to provide you the details of the editors who have edited or will edit your documents.

  • We will not accept your request to assign any specific editor.

Terms and Conditions

Once accepted, the job cannot be retracted under any circumstances, and payment must be made upon completion.

We require up to 3-7 days to complete a job of fewer than 10000 words. For lengthier jobs we may take some extra time, please ask for details.

Refunds will be subjected to our refund policy.

Once a job is completed and returned to you, payment should be made within 14 days. If you need extra time, please mention it during the assignment of the job.

We take the utmost care in completing the job in time. Under exceptional circumstances, you will be intimated of the delay. In this case, you will be free to withdraw the assignment.

Only the first version of the document we receive will be processed. No changes in the document will be entertained afterward. For lengthy jobs (more than 10000 words), either 50% payment must be made in advance, or the job should be submitted in pieces or chapters of less than 10000 words. Consecutive pieces/chapters will be processed only on receipt of payment for the previous job.

We offer free re-editing if an article is rejected due to poor English and it was submitted without further changes to the journal. If authors modify an article after our editing, due to whatever reason, and it gets rejected, we do not re-edit it for free. All revised articles must be submitted as new manuscripts payable at regular rates.

  • We take the utmost care to edit your manuscript; however, authors and reviewers may prefer or suggest a different style due to individual writing style and language usage. We assume that all manuscripts submitted to us are original. In case of any act of plagiarization, only the corresponding author will be held responsible. Sci-Edit Publications will not take liability for any copyright violation or act of plagiarization.

  • We edit language only and do not bear any responsibility for the scientific accuracy of the content.

  • We do not guarantee or assure publication in case of research articles, funding in case of research grant proposals, and award of degree in case of theses and dissertations.

  • We do have the right to refuse to provide services to anyone anytime without any explanation.

  • Names and logos of Journals- Nature, JBC, Cell, Biomacromolecules, Science, Plos One, Plant Cell, PNAS, and others, are property of the respective journals. Sci-Edit Publications do not have any collaboration with these journals. This information is based on the authors’ instruction to edit the manuscript in the format of a particular journal. We do not follow whether articles submitted to us for editing are actually published in these journals or not.

  • Details of some editors on "Our Editors" page have been pseudonymized due to trade reasons. 

We may revise our pricing and ‘terms and conditions’ anytime without prior notice. We possess the right to refuse services to anybody anytime.

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