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Discount Policy


We may consider a 5-10% discount for research articles and 10-20% for books and theses, in case of non-funded projects, out-of-pocket payments, and work originating in third-world countries.
Please write for details. Once accepting a discount, you will allow us to mention on our website that we edited this manuscript, and you will be willing to write a testimonial for us if we request you.
Please note, in case of a discount, the invoice should not be reimbursed by your institute.

You are required to acknowledge us in the manuscript as
We thank for English editing of the article.

In case of a discount, we provide the same level of quality and do not compromise in the outcome. However, we do not regard a full refund policy in this case, but if your manuscript has any problem after our editing, we will re-edit it free of cost.


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