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Book Publishing

Book Publishing

We provide a Publishing Platform for book publication for authors, which provides a one-stop, end-to-end solution, from submission to publication and distribution, along with a set of human-provided services to choose from.


Our objective is to assist authors in embracing the advantages offered by an open access publishing model, we have created Phenom - a simple, intuitive, cost-effective publishing solution that supports all workflows; from submission to promotion


The price varies with the requirement, please contact us for details.

What do we offer?

•    Proofreading and designing
•    Peer review

•    Printing and binding
•    Publication
•    Promotion
•    Distribution


Open Book
Supportive Friend

Benefits of partnering with us

Extensive expertise
Our scholarly publishing experience enables us to understand, anticipate, and support the needs of publishing partners.

Be the owner
Your journal is fully supported by systems and services while you retain editorial control and ownership.

Cost effectiveness
Phenom is a managed open source publishing system that reduces the internal resources required to run a world-class publishing program.

General Guidance

We will give you the best advice, not just about getting the best value for your money but about everything else. You can count on us to do that!

Paints and Brush

Committed for Timely Publication

We publish all our books within a few months, and most times quicker than that. So no more waiting for months (or years) to get published.

Paints and Brush

Be the Owner of Your Work

It’s your book. So you should own the rights to your book. And that’s exactly what you will get to do when you publish with us.

Paints and Brush

Promotion & Advertising

We take care of all the logistics so that you can focus on promoting your book, which all (but especially first-time) writers have to do.

Creative Arrangment
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